Fingerprinting for Public School Employment


The State changed the procedure for fingerprinting incorporating BOTH the Criminal History Review and Application for Fingerprinting into ONE process accessed through one website.  The new name is Morpho Trust and fingerprinting is through IdentoGO NJPlease follow the New Fingerprinting-2014 directions attached to complete the process.  The fee for the Criminal History Review is $11.00 and the fingerprinting fee is $67.20.  You will need the County and District Codes, as well as the Originating Agency Number for the fingerprinting form.  Please contact Mrs. Sharon Walter at or call 856-467-4600, ext. 4318 for that required information.

After BOTH forms have been completed and your fingerprinting appointment has been made and completed, you will receive a letter from the state approving you for public school employment.  Please remember, approval letters are only good for a maximum of five months.  Within that time frame you may apply for employment without having to archive your prints.

When you change districts or if there is a break in service, you must archive your prints.

Archiving Your Fingerprints for Public School Employment
If you had a livescan fingerprint from Sagem Morpho after 02/21/2003 then you will only need to have your fingerprints archived.  The cost for the archive is $32.55 payable online by credit card.  Payment is required at the time of the request.  Please note:  you will need your “PCN” number, which can be found on your original receipt.
You can archive your fingerprints by visiting the Criminal History Review Unit website at: and selecting the second option, “Archive Application Requests and Duplicate Approval Letter Requests.”

Should you have any questions regarding the fingerprinting process please contact Mrs. Sharon Walter at 856-467-4600 ext. 4318.